The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library
Air Force One Pavilion

*Views and opinions expressed by Soaring Spirits International are not necessarily shared by the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Foundation.

The Ronald Reagan Library is the largest Presidential Library in the world, and sits on a mountain top overlooking the valleys of Ventura County.

Our anniversary celebration will be held in the Air Force One Pavilion. Gala guests will have an opportunity to walk through Air Force One, the “Flying White House” for President Reagan and six other U.S. presidents from 1973-2001. Additional exhibits include: the interior of a Marine One helicopter, an actual presidential motorcade featuring President Reagan’s 1984 parade limousine, and the Marine One helicopter.

Our gala theme, Hope Takes Flight,  focuses on our ability to soar in the aftermath of the traumas that have changed us. We are acknowledging, with special care, our community members whose loved ones have died in aviation accidents. Throughout the evening, we will honor and  remember our loved ones while we celebrate the community we’ve created as we heal and thrive, together.

If you make time during your stay to visit the library for a tour, you will enjoy a bird’s eye view of Santa Cruz Island and be guided through the many exhibits that can only be accessed when the library is open to the public. Tours can be booked by visiting the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library website, and are available during the library’s regular business hours.